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Hybrid Cloud Powered

VMware Hybrid Cloud Powered Service is built on the same proven VMware cloud technology that more than 500,000 enterprises depend on in their datacenters. This makes VMware Hybrid Cloud Powered Service inherently and fully compatible with existing VMware environments so customers can deploy and scale new and legacy applications without recoding. VMware Hybrid Cloud Powered Service allows customers to quickly realize the compatibility, agility and scalability of VMware based hybrid clouds or deploy new workloads directly on a public cloud. With VMware Hybrid Cloud Service, customers can:

  • Extend their datacenter. Gain the freedom to move workloads from their virtualized datacenter to a secure public cloud, with the flexibility to transfer them back and forth as needed.
  • Secure their infrastructure. Confidently pool and deploy critical workloads and applications to a public cloud built on a comprehensive and proven security framework.
  • Access a broad ecosystem. Choose VMware vCloud Air or among a wide range of VMware vCloud Air Network Service Providers available worldwide offering cloud solutions tailored to meet any use case or business need.

Hybrid Cloud Powered Datasheet


Please verify the following PRIOR to running the automated validation:

  1. You have created a publicly facing vCloud Director instance with a test organization that includes:
    • a. A test user with vApp Author role or higher.
    • b. An Org VDC with:
      • i. A direct connected Org VDC Network (bridged to the External Network — no Edge Gateway).
      • ii. A private catalog to which the test user has read and write access.
      • iii. A Linux vApp template configured to:
        • 1. Make a direct vApp network connection to the Org VDC network.
        • 2. Receive inbound SSH connections.
        • 3. Have outbound access to the Internet.
      • iv. The ability to accept vApps/OVFs built using virtual hardware version 9.
  2. You have signed up for the program at This will validate your Partner ID and collect/create the following information:
    • a. Your Technical Contact information (including your Validation UserID credentials).
    • b. Your Business Contact information (if different from your technical contact info).
    • c. Your company information (name, geographical location, website, Hybrid Cloud Powered Service names).
  3. You have signed into the Validation Service at (using your Technical Contact credentials) and have:
    • a. Added the Hybrid Cloud Powered Service information for EACH datacenter you want to have validated.
    • b. Included the “Actions” for each vCloud Director Instance listed on (these are where you specify the vCloud information and user credentials for the vCloud Service to be tested).
  4. Have the cURL package installed.