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Horizon DaaS Powered FAQs

What is the VMware Horizon DaaS Platform?

The VMware Horizon DaaS Platform is one of the leading solution offerings available. With low cost, a subscription-based, multi-tenant, multi-datacenter and secure desktop-as-a-service solution is one of the top offerings in the market. It has been designed to address enterprise-class scale, but it can be a solution to simplify and make processes more user friendly for large to small companies. The Horizon DaaS Bundle can help enterprises create or extend their VDI footprint without increasing costs, infrastructure, management and ownership. Service providers can now offer enterprises a fully customizable desktop service accessible via the Internet or dedicated network from any location, on any compatible device and with the same user experience as traditional on premise PCs.

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What are the requirements to become Horizon DaaS Powered?

  • Your vCloud Air Network Business Development Manager (BDM) can help you evaluate if the Horizon DaaS Service is right for your business

  • The Horizon DaaS Powered Badge requires a 10,800+ point contract in the vCloud Air Network Program

  • Apply for the Horizon DaaS Powered Badge on Log into the portal and click on Technology Badges in the upper right corner to learn more, and apply for the badge.

    When all the badge requirements have been met, the service provider can apply for the DaaS Power badge through the validation site.

    After logging with the SP credentials the SP will be able to see a badge list, in between them the DaaS Power Badge is available. Below a screenshot on the option:

    horizon Daas

    To apply for the badge, click on the Apply for Badge button available on the DaaS Power badge option. After clicking on the button a questionnaire will pop up requesting the user to answer the questions and then submit the questionnaire to apply for the badge.

  • The vCloud Air Network Program Office will review your application, and contact you about acquiring Horizon DaaS product licenses so you can begin installing and configuring the Horizon DaaS platform.

  • Proof of successful implementation of the Horizon DaaS platform will be required for final badge approval.

Need assistance with installing, configuring and managing Horizon DaaS Platform?

Professional services, provided by Quest, can help you accelerate your time to market. Quest is a Horizon DaaS Powered partner, and has extensive experience in installing, configuring, and managing Horizon DaaS for service providers. Find out more:

Is there a way to provide Horizon DaaS services without having to host the service?

Yes there is, you can start reselling Horizon DaaS services through the MSP (Managed Services Provider) Program. For more information about the vCloud Air Network MSP Program check the documents below:

Where can I find customer facing assets?

There are several customer facing assets

Are customer presentations available?

Customer presentations are available here. Below a list of presentations available:

Is there Horizon DaaS Platform Information for Service Providers?

Key assets for service providers:

Other relevant resources and assets?

Product Updates and Announcements

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